Quang Binh is not only famous for the spectacular beauty of Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave or Son Doong Cave, but also other unforgetable experiences you should try.


Firstly, kayaking in river will be an unforgettable memory for tourist. Now kayak is available in many tourist destinations such as Mooc Spring, Ozo Tree Top, Chay River… Tourist can take a tour to these places and spend a little time to kayaking.

Tour to Mooc Spring


Trekking in Vo Nguyen Giap Cave
Trekking in Son Dong Cave / Internet

Next, Many tours now in Quang Binh need trekking by your own foot. Quang Binh Tour requires a good health to join in. The topography in some places needs much trekking through river and springs. After all hard you will be reward with a spectacular landscape of nature.

Wooden Yacht

Wooden Yacht in Son River

With the tour to Phong Nha cave, tourist will be on a wooden yacht, not so luxurious but very interesting to sit on, downstream to see the living of local people, the scenery along both sides of the river with the atmosphere of Vietnamese rural.


Ziplining from high tower

Zip-lining is an interesting game that many people choose to challenge. The ziplining in Chay River is invested with a modern technology with safety tools; you can fall down from high tower to the berth in a short time. Zipline is only experienced in Dark Cave Chay River only.

Mud Bathing

Bath with natural mud

Dark Cave is a branch cave of Phong Nha Cave system. It is dark like it name because no light in this cave. You will become an explorer to visit the cave. Especially, the mud inside is the natural mud that you can wet your body, cover your body then after that will leave you a softer skin. The water in dark cave is very cool and you can also enjoy that.

Bathing with natural Spring

Mooc Spring Water Games
Mooc Spring Water Games

Finally, Quang Binh has a lot of streams and springs thank to the mother of nature. The most famous is Mooc Spring, recently is Khe Nuoc Lanh (Cooling stream) or the spring near Hang Coi Village in Vo Nguyen Giap cave Tour. In summer, nothing can compare with a feeling when being submerged in cooling stream water in a middle of harmonized landscape.

In a word, with the above suggestion, we hope you can have a unforgetable time when you come to visit Quang Binh

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Ms Ngoc