Bang Mineral Hot Spring belongs to the Kim Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, and is around 60 km southwest from Dong Hoi city. It is the only hot mineral water source in Vietnam. Temperatures have been measured at 105°C. It attracts many visitors for the rare trace elements found in the water having a curative effect.

Bang hot spring

There is a green wide hills over 70ha with pure and cool environment, interesting and attractive landscapes are exotic,wild and rustic  nature is full charming. Especially, a winding stream with spa water running into endless line, both open-cast and mysterious.

Bang Mineral Hot Spring
Bang Mineral Hot Spring

Quang Binh Province and the Bang Cosevco Tourism and spa water Company are investing, exploiting this area, making  attractive and useful services for tourists. The problem that the building is the first step, and how to don’t break the natural landscape, ecological environment here. These projects, works that are created to perfect, improving services must conect closly and dissolve  with nature, honor the true values of this spa area.

The Creator gave Quang Binh a valuable hot spa stream. What people are doing only the first step. In the future, Bang eco-tourism area and Spa will continue to invest efficiently and qualitatively, commensurate with its potential and  value.
If visitors have opportunity to come to Quang binh, remember to visit and admire the landscape of Bang eco-tourism area. Even though once time, visitors will have an unforgettable impression on their journey to the pleasure place of mountains and streams.