In order to support visitors having enough information in rental services, Netin travel company inform the price for car rental. Rental price is also depended on the tour like Dong Hoi go to Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave and other palaces. Thus, please contact us to get more information.

Rent Car in Quang Binh

Please to serve!

45 seats car: 3million – 4million/day/within province

35 seats car: 3million – 3,5million/ day/within province

30 seats car: 2million – 3million /day/within province

16 seats car: 1,2million – 1,8million/ day/within province

7  seats car: 1million – 1,5million/ day/within province

4 seats car: 800.000Vnd  – 1,2million/ day/within province