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In recent years, Quang Binh tourism is a newly famous destination in the world. This place has a cave system with many popular names like Paradise cave, Phong Nha cave, Tien Son cave, Son Doong cave, Tu Lan cave … By this article , we want to introduce for tourists about Dark Cave, a newly expoited cave but choosen and liked by a lot of tourists, especially foreinger tourists.

International tourists in Dark Cave

Chay River – Dark Cave locates in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, in the area of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. It is 75 km away from Dong Hoi in the Northwest, 3km from Paradise Cave. You can only go by car or motorbike to get there. Bus currently only runs from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha. If you want to go from Phong Nha centre, you have to rent a tourist car in Phong Nha or a motorbike to experience.

Tour to Dark Cave and Paradise cave for 1 day

Ziplining cable from the tower of dark cave

In 1992, the cave was discovered and named the Dark cave by the Bristish Cave Association because of the dense darkness covering the nooks and crannies of the cave. The cave is 5,258m long, 80m high, 50m wide, including 2 gates: the front door is adjacent to the Chay river (30m high, 10m wide) and the back door is adjacent to the forest (50m high, about 20m wide). In the cave there are many stalactites shaped, diverse colors. The old stalactites have faded, the color is lime yellow, the color is white lime, the other is moss green. In particular, Dark Cave possesses stalactites with parasitic living ferns – rarely seen in other caves.

According to scientific researchers, these stalactites are vestiges of a period of strong geological movement. This cave also has underground river sections tens of meters deep, a natural freshwater lake named Thuy Tien and a mud lake of about 20m2 with essential minerals that are good for human health. In addition, the area of ​​Dark Cave is also inhabited by animals such as bats, swallows, etc., especially the Hatinh langurs – primate species listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.

Chay River and Dark Cave is currently managed, invested and exploited by Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center with many attractive services. From the Chay River Animal Observatory, visitors can experience a zipline with a length of 400m across the river to reach the front door of the Dark cave. After exploring and bathing mud in the cave, visitors will be kayaking to explore the Chay River, then zipline to drop people into the river bath and participate in many interesting underwater games.

Mud bathing inside the cave
  • You should prepare yourself a bikini outfit for the cave bathing with mud.
  • For those who do not shower in the mud cave, you are advised to dress most comfortable and short cloth. But it is best to wear swimwear to facilitate the swing and bath springs during the experience in Chay River.
  • In addition, you should prepare an extra towel to wipe yourself dry when bathing in the stream is finished.
  • Wearing sandals is best because after bathing in the stream, wearing thick will be very uncomfortable. But it depends on your preference.

Tickets to visit the cave have 2 types of tickets. The entrance ticket to the  Cave includes the following services:

+ Package tickets: 450,000 VND / ticket.

Ticket service includes games at Chay River Dark Cave: Zipline Swing, Dark Cave Mud Bath, Kayak Rowing, Baseball River Bathing, Lifejacket, headlamp, helmet to Dark Cave, game show continuous.

+ Private ticket service: VND 270,000 VND / ticket

Services include: Zipline zip-line, Kayak, Chay river bathing, life jacket, play games show games continuously…

water games on Chay River

For tour to Dark Cave or car rental service, please contact Netin Travel via tours@quangbinhtravel.vn or whatsapp 0914.666.872.

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