This tour is the combination between cave tourism and natural landscapes which is taken interest from domestic and  international visitors.
On tour you will go by boat upriver of Son river, turn to poetic Chay River which is famous for rustic beauty decorated by natural bonsai along river as well as connects between Phong Nha cave and Dark cave.

>>Dong Hoi – Paradise cave – Kayaking in Chay River – Explore Dark Cave.

chay river
Chay river
Dark Cave
Dark Cave

It takes about 1hour for the boat trip, you will arrive to Dark cave which has a length of 5.258m, was discovered in 1990 and being currently exploited in the tourism form of sightseeing expedition. Visitors will have exciting experience with the flashlights, the specialized equipment when swim across the Thuy Tien lake with the temperature never pass 20 degree.
Means:         Dragon boat.
Activity:         Cave explorating, boating, walk, swim
Compulsory fees:
Ticket:         80.000Vnd/adult; 40.000Vnd/children
Boat freight:         500.000Vnd/trip
Tour supervisor:     500.000Vnd/person
Kayak rental:        50.000vnd/person
Equipment:        50.000Vnd/person