This is a place about 45km from the center of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province in the Southwest direction, located in Ngan Thuy Commune, Le Thuy District, Quang Binh Province. Cha Loi Cave and the Valley of love will bring you a feeling of peace, a whole new experience. It is the experience of wilderness, conquest, and endless natural beauty.

Tour 1 day to Cha Loi cave

Tour 2 days 1 night to Cha Loi cave

Cha Loi Cave
Cha Loi cave in Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province
Love valley
Love Valley

Discovering Cha Loi Cave

Cha Loi cave or according to the people of the Bru – Van Kieu people often call it affectionately as General Cave because in the years 1971 – 1973, Vo Nguyen Giap General used this cave to live and command battles epidemic on the southern front. And most of all, with the admiration of  Bru Van Kieu people in particular and the children of Le Thuy district  in general from when called this cave is the cave of General with so much love contained , love for the talented General of the Vietnamese nation.

Cha Loi Cave
A natural statue in Cha Loi Cave is very similar to Vo Nguyen Giap General

Perhaps, conquering the cave for those who have been to Quang Binh can be said to be very ordinary, like the caves that anyone can set foot like: Paradise Cave; Phong Nha cave, Tien Son cave … and countless other cave systems. But in this article I would like to introduce to you about the great, about the difference that only exists in Cha Loi Cave. That is the level of risk, the age limit to join this conquest route (ages: 10 and older and people without a history of high blood pressure)

Cha Loi Cave
Cha Loi cave

Cha Loi cave is considered to be the place to own the wild and mysterious beauty of an ancient limestone mountain terrain, with a length of 3km, and the most beautiful of this cave is the 3-storey architecture as a building. the house, each floor will be vivid pictures, different shapes of stalagmites, stalactites, or “tunnels of love” that create skillful structures, tiny drops of water like the sound of rocks from below the ground.

You want to admire the fanciful beauty of stalactites, the mystery of the underground river plus the wild features of the mountains …you will experience the challenge of level 3, overcome the cassava field walk among immense valleys, wade through slippery mud, and swim in cold, underground water rivers of about 22 degrees Celsius … but it is valuable.

Cha Loi cave
Camping in Cha Loi Cave

The weather is so nice and cool every year, amidst the scenery is a mountain, located next to a small stream with small rock scenes, random trees full of art. This location is ideal for camping at night. The white clouds, floating here will make you feel like you are lost in wonderland. Remember to bring a jacket. And the blanket, the logistics team will take care of you when you come here.

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