Quang Binh is famous for many beautiful cave systems. The visitor to come here is wondering where to go besides seeing the caves and what is famous there to eat?

Where to go?

Da Nhay Beach: Da Nhay Beach is located in the Northern of Quang Binh Province. It takes you 30 minutes to come here from the city Center of Dong Hoi. The beach here is long, white sand and the rock is so amazing.

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Quang Phu Sand dune: Quang Phu Sand dune is not as famous as Mui Ne Sand dunes but for many visitors it is a bit larger and the sand is very clean and white. You will have many wonderful pictures you come here. It is only 7km from the city center. You should go in the early morning and late afternoon to avoid sun burning.

Miss Globe on Quang Phu Sand dune

Mooc Spring: Mooc Spring is well-known by many tourists. The water in this spring is originally from the mountain, the water color is compared with emerald, very blue and pure. The water games are regarded interesting and fun with kayaking and jump over from the high tower. Mooc Spring is the place that you should never miss to come to Quang Binh.

Mooc Spring

What to eat?

Banh Canh (A kind of Noodles):
Banh Canh in Quang Binh if different from other kind of Banh Canh in many other parts of Vietnam. They also made from rice flour but the flavor is different. Banh Canh here is the mixture of sea – fish and shrimp, a little spicy and a bit salty than anywhere else. You should never forget the flavor when you try this.

Banh Canh Image: Internet

Banh Bot Loc is made from tapioca powder, a big shrimp and Jew’s ear in side. They cover by green banana leaves then steam it, the flavor is blending with the smell of green leaves.


Banh Beo has its form like duckweeds so they call it duckweeds cake. Banh beo is made from rice powder in to duckweeds; it shows on plates layer by layer with shrimp topping. It will eat with mixing fish sauce. It looks so delicious .

Banh Beo

Don’t wait any longer, let come to Quang Binh and enjoy with us!

By Ms Ngoc