A family in the central province of Quang Binh while digging a foundation, discovered an ancient tomb with a stone stele engraved with five ancient Chinese characters, translated as “Princess Ly Kieu Oanh.”…

Digging the Ly Kieu Oanh Princess’s grave

Ho Cuong was a general of the Tran Dynasty, who reclaimed and built villages in the area of Nhan Trach, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. He also fought foreign invaders and participated in many famous battles in the Nhat Le River and Bau Tro Lake.

According to Dr. Mai Hong, director of the Center for Research and Application of Vietnamese Buddhism, “princess” was a title granted by the king at that time, not necessarily to be descendants of the king.
The excavation and the research are still ongoing.

On the next days,the Netin travel will open the city tour. Tourists will have a chance to experience the Quang Binh history with Thay Rampart (Dao Duy Tu Rampart) , Ly Kieu Oanh princess’s grave, Quang Binh gate, Mother Suot’s Memorial monument, Dong Hoi citadel

Source : VNN