If you have been in Vietnam for some time, you might already be aware that Vietnamese get up in the early morning hour, take a siesta at lunch and have dinner early. The best times to enjoy your dinner are, thus, between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. The later you come, the lesser the restaurant options.

For Quang Binh area, specialtites are various kinds of traditional cakes. Restaurants are lesser options for Western visitors but sea foods are beautiful here. The cost is not high compare with other areas.

quang binh
Loc Cake

In Dong Hoi we have:
–    Cakes in Co Tam St.
–    Fast food in QB Bar
–    Anh Dao restaurant for Vietnamese foods
–    Restaurants on the Nhat le river for seafoods.
In Phong Nha Cave, Son Trach we have:
–    Fast food in Easy Tiger
–    Vung Hue restaurant
–    Thu Hue restaurant
–    Son Doong Restaurant
Vietnamese foods are nomally spicy, salty and strong drinks like coffee, tea.