If anyone asks where is the place with the most caves, surely everybody knows Quang Binh, Viet Nam with Son Doong, Phong Nha, Paradise cave. They all are very famous not only in Vietnam but also well known by many foreign tourists. This article will show you some clues for your trip to explore Quang Binh.

Why Quang Binh is called the “kingdom of caves”.

Surely, everyone who hears the nickname “the kingdom of caves” will wonder how Quang Binh is called as that name. According to current statistics, Quang Binh has about 300 large and small caves, is the largest concentration of caves in the country. For that reason, the name “Kingdom of Caves” was born. These caves, in turn, are discovered and famous in the country and in the world today.

Paradise Cave
Paradise Cave

What makes the beauty of caves in Quang Binh?

Known as caves from a long time, this place has a mysterious beauty that makes people had to explore and exploit. Stalactites caves were formed through more than 400 million years with diverse natural shapes.

Va Cave
Va Cave

In addition, there are small forests and streams flowing right inside the cave, creating something extremely different from normal caves, which makes a difference for the cave in Quang Binh. Everything that nature bestowed has created the famous places like today – the famous caves in Quang Binh.

Have you ever asked the question about where to travel in Quang Binh, and what is beautiful in Quang Binh tourism? There has most of beautiful and magnificent caves in the world, guaranteed to surprise you. Here are some famous caves that attract a lot of visitors and tourists at home and abroad.

Son Doong cave

The cave has a length of nearly 9km, about 200m wide, making everyone surprised when entering the cave with a surprisingly wide space. In addition, Son Doong cave is known as a cave with many strange stalactites, they contain a whole special primeval forest inside the cave. Therefore, the cave has been identified as the most magnificent cave in the world.

Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave
Phong Nha Ke Bang

Phong Nha cave is the most famous cave and has been recognized as the most beautiful cave in the world with 7 best record:

  • The cave is longest
  • The door of the cave is highest and widest
  • There are the most beautiful underground lakes inside the cave
  • The dry cave is largest and most beautiful
  • The most magnificent and beautiful jelly
  • The underground river is longest in Vietnam
  • The rocks and sand is most beautiful and wide

Phong Nha Cave is one of the must visit place when you explore Quang Binh.

Phong Nha Cave
Gate to Phong Nha cave

When entering the cave you will be surprised with the light here. They bring a magnificent beauty of the cave, combined with natural and artificial sunlight has created a virtual space that cannot be ignored.

Cave system in Le Thuy

This is also a relatively new name in the chain of caves in Quang Binh that people often hear and mention. This cave system has just been put into use for sightseeing.

Stalactites in Le Thuy

The deeper you go, the more you enjoy the beauty of a cave with a three-floor structure. Stalactites, droplets of water fall from above, streams flowing underground in the cave. All of them creates a great soundtrack.

Paradise Cave

When entering the cave to visit, you will be surprised at the splendor of the cave with so many special stalactites. They have different natural shapes, unique and surprisingly shining. Paradise Cave – just by hearing the name “Heaven”, you can already guess the beauty of this cave, right? Paradise cave is dubbed the “palace in the ground” surrounding the cave is a primeval forest. The cave is considered to be the longest dry cave in Asia with magnificent beauty not to be missed when exploring Quang Binh.

Paradise Cave

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Why you should travel Quang Binh?

Quang Binh is considered a marvel of the world which has a world heritage of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. With extremely beautiful and unique cave system, when exploring Quang Binh, you will feel like you are going to explore a new land with so many surprises waiting for you.

Da Nhay Beach
Da Nhay Beach

Quang Binh nature will surely make you comfortable after stressful and tired working days. Just come here to relax your soul. Let’s invite your relatives and friends to travel Quang Binh with cheap but extremely interesting trip.

Quang Binh trip will leave you extremely memorable memories.

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