Nhat Le sea is a special place where the sea and Nhat Le river meet together and with a famous beach in Vietnam also. Because of  this special feature , Nhat le has various of seafoods with perfect tast such as fish, cuttlefish, shell, shrimp, crab…
Visitors who join in this tour will have the chance to enjoy the feeling of becoming a fishman. You will be supported the equiment to catch cuttlefishes and fishes and after the tour, you also can enjoy the tasty dishes made from your achievements.

Duration:     3.0 – 4.0 hours.
Mean:         boat

18:00 Netin tour guides pick visitors up
19:00 Depart from Nhat Le river to go to Nhat Le sea
19:30 catch fishes and cuttlefishes
21:30 go back to Nhat Le river, enjoy some dishes made from what visitors achieve.
22:30 return visitors to hotel.

–    Comfortable cloths
–    Camera and binoculars are available for personal use
–    Not suitable for someone who get seasick, pregnant women.
–    Book tour latest at 4pm everyday.

Tour rate: 450.000VnD/person (applied for group of 3 visitors onward)
–    Transportation to pick visitors
–    Boat
–    Tourist guide
–    Rescuer
–    Fishing equipment
–    Equipment for processing seafoods.
–    Insurance
–    01 Beer or soft drink/visitor
Not including:
–    VAT
–    Other expenses out of plan