Son Doong Cave – Quang Binh is famous for the name “underground heaven”. This is a desirable tourist destination for so many visitors because of its ecstatic beauty. Come to Viet Nam, do not miss the journey to discover the grandeur and mystery of this beautiful cave.

Some factor about Son Dong Cave

Son Doong Cave is located in Tan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province; Son Doong Cave is recognized as the largest natural cave in the world. Located in the cave complex of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Son Doong Cave is part of a connecting underground system with about 150 different caves in Vietnam bordering Laos.

Son Doong Cave with an estimated length of about 6.5 km, more than 200 m high, 150 m wide, there are sections of width up to 92 m wide, approximately 244 m wide arch, with this size, at that position, it is possibly estimated to build a whole 40-storey building. More specifically, a 2.5 km long river is also discovered inside the cave with fast flowing water, huge stalactites and stalagmites pillars up to 70 m high.

To reach Son Doong Cave, you must take a rather long journey through the forest, wading through the stream, through the village where the Doong villagers are living, cross high and dangerous slopes by yourself and enjoy the magnificent beauty of En cave. Here you have the opportunity to admire the majestic beauty of Son Doong Cave hidden behind the mist.

Son Doong Cave is ranked 8/52 places in the list of places to be visited by the New York Times in 2014.

How was the Son Doong cave discovered?

Son Doong cave was formed about 2–5 million years ago by underground rivers from limestone mountains. With strong and swift water force, this flow has eroded into a giant tunnel in the earth bowel right below the majestic mountains.

In 1991, a local man named Ho Khanh went hunting, he discovered a mysterious cave.

Up to 2006, after meeting and discussing with two members of the Royal British Cave Association, he with them searched the cave that he had accidentally seen before. But the journey was not easy, until 2008, after many efforts to find the cave, he found the cave door again and this time he made a careful note to be able to once again bring the members of Royal British Cave Association to the cave.In 2009, the world officially recognized the existence and confirmed Son Doong Cave is the largest natural cave in the world.

Time for discovering Son Doong Cave, how much does it cost?

Time to discover Son Doong Cave

If you intend to explore Son Doong, the best time is February to April. This is the best time when the weather is cool and shady, which is very suitable for exploring trips. Note, from May to August, this is a hot and humid period that makes this journey more likely to affect your health. But at other times, it will fall in the rainy season so it is definitely not possible to explore Son Doong Cave.

Cost for the itinerary.

According to Quang Binh tourism experience, the cost for the 7-day-6-night journey to Son Doong cave is 3000 USD equivalent to about 65,000,000 VND. This attractive tourist destination is exclusively organized by Oxalis.There are about 10 tourists for every visit but 30 other people are needed, including guide, porters, cookers, cleaning as well as some cave experts.

What should prepare before discovering the Cave?

To make the journey to discover Son Doong cave safest and most interesting, visitors should not miss any of the experiences we shared in the article below


  • You should choose comfortable clothes, easy to absorb sweat, convenient for a lot of exercise. At night the cave will be quite cold, don’t forget to prepare some warm clothes.
  • Use shoes that are comfortable, smooth, and do not cause discomfort when traveling a lot. In particular, you need to be equipped with shoes that can grip rocks and climb, high friction to ensure uninterrupted journey because of clothing and footwear. Prepare clothes carefully and appropriately to ensure the health as well as the safety of tourists when exploring Son Doong cave.


  • Apart from costume, fitness is the most important issue on this quite adventurous trip. You need to strictly follow the fitness guidelines instructed by a professional.
  • Health experts will ask a few questions to check if your health situation is suitable for the upcoming journey.
  • You definitely have to answer honestly about your health to ensure the safety of the trip.
  • Before starting the journey of discovery, visitors need to practice walking about 10 km /day, capable of crossing hills about 200 – 300 m. This practice should last from 3 to 6 months before going.
  • In case you are in the city, practice climbing 3 floors without stopping, without shortness of breath, about 15 times a day to ensure fitness to join the extremely attractive trip to Hang Son Doong.
  • In addition, you will be taught basic skills by experts 2 days before the start of the journey.
  • Do not miss any experience from the experts, extremely useful for your safety.

Journey to discover the cave of paradise.

Before coming to Son Doong cave, each tourist will be equipped with protective equipment for climbing and safety belts.To reach the cave, you need to prepare yourself for quite a long walk. Visitors will be taken by the company’s car to the km of 39th – Ho Chi Minh road, the exciting journey to discover Son Doong cave will start from here.From here, tourists move to Doong valley, come to the Van Kieu village, you will stop for lunch to prepare the spirit of exploring En cave. En Cave will be the first overnight spot in this exciting journey. The next day, after breakfast, these fantastic cave exploration days really started.

Camping inside the cave
Camping inside the cave

Right from the moment you arrive at the cave entrance, visitors will be overwhelmed by the magical space here, the deeper you go, will go from one surprise to another. The cave has a depth of 80 m, so you need to go to the bottom of the cave with a wire, after crossing a stream, waterfall and more than 50 km of primeval forest path to reach the main cave.Cave with a beautiful primeval forest, 2.5 km long river flowing, stalagmites up to 70 m high, a cool climate, fresh to the heart. There will be no noise, no smoke, no more bustles of life, here only people are embraced by the vast, beautiful nature.

Going deeper into the cave, the expedition will easily encounter cracks in the ceiling of the cave, which is like a huge number of huge windows that receive sunlight into the cave. This is also a necessary condition to create an ideal environment for the development of rich vegetation, a primeval forest located right inside the cave.With more than 200 samples of different species of plants, herbaceous plants such as biota, moss, some vines … live on the rock and cave floor, above shrubs, small trees … rising up and full of vitality.If you are really lucky, you will admire the magical natural phenomenon right inside the cave. This beautiful natural phenomenon occurs only in a few moments of the year when the sun shines directly through the sink hole, creating an indefinite beautiful, dreamlike scene like lost in Elysium in the world.

Other important notes when traveling Son Doong cave.

The travel agency will prepare all the food, hygiene, and sleeping facilities, so you do not need to bring any travel things other than personal belongings.

You just need to prepare mentally, good health, carrying a small backpack with a few clothes, cameras, toothbrushes, sunscreen and bottles. Your luggage will be carried by the porter.

To ensure the safety of the trip, visitors absolutely need to comply with the rules of the travel company. The tour company has prepared a tent, portable toilets so don’t worry about this!

Traveling in Son Doong cave is only followed a small path guided by the guide, absolutely do not follow other paths to avoid affecting the cave ecosystem

Do not touch any rocks or stalactites to ensure safety for yourself as well as the natural beauty of Son Doong cave.

Son Doong cave is still in the process of formation, experts cannot fully assess the safety of the cave, so need to follow the instructions of the team leader!

When you see snakes or any animals, absolutely do not make fun of and chase, but go quietly. The cave snakes are considered to be extremely poisonous.

Oxalis is an exclusive company that can exploit and lead tourists into Son Doong cave, so you cannot organize a tour yourself but definitely have to register through Oxalis Travel Company.

You will have to return if you cannot guarantee to go to the entrance door, in addition, if you do not comply with the rules of the trip, you are also forced to stop the journey and return. Note, when forced to return visitors will not be reimbursed for any previously closed costs.

This is considered to be the most expensive tour in Vietnam, but the number of registered visitors is extremely crowded to see the special attraction of this beautiful cave.

Coming to Son Doong cave, this is not only a regular trip but also a journey to discover the masterpieces of nature extremely memorable. Plan to conquer to admire the spectacular beauty of the world’s most unique cave today! Wishing you a safe and meaningful journey!

By Netin Travel