Phong Nha – Ke Bang NP is the bigest National Park in Vietnam. In this tour, you can visit the vast primary forest from Dong Tien slope, Tau slope and understand more about Vietnamese history by Ho Chi Minh Trail historical stories. It is a good choice for a motorbike tour to the Park. You can go around National Park. a nice day with much sunshine will be perfect for the tour so visitors can observe the wild animals.

*Eight ladies cave is a historical monument where visitors can go to a cave called “Hang Tám Cô” and a temple. There were alot of Vietnamese Volunteers and Soldiers who sacrificed for the country independence.

*Tiket: Free

*Mooc Eco-trail is located in Ho Chi Minh West where we call a paradise. Mooc eco-trail has been opened in 2008 by Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and GIZ support. This destination aims to support to local livelihood. Visitors can trek 1 km around the ecotrail under the canopy, swim in blue water stream and observe the wild annimals. visitors also have the chance to eat the specialities in this area.

*Tiket: 50.000VnD/adult

Activity: Trekking, swimming, bathing.

*Motorbike rental: 200.000VnD/unit/day

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