According to the No 35/2014/QĐ/UBND on 22nd December 2014, the price list for tourist destinations in Quang Binh has just been updated and the entrance ticket’s price was increased than 2014. The Netin Travel Company inform for tourists to know when they come to Quang Binh…

The price of tourist destinations changed

Phong Nha Cave :150:000VnĐ (Free for children under 1.3m)

+Tien Son Cave : 80.000VnĐ (Free for children under 1.3m)

+The Mooc Spring Eco-Trail : 80.000VnĐ (Free for children 1.3m)

+Thien Duong Cave ( Paradise Cave ) + Mom holding the baby cave : 250.000VnĐ (Free for children under 1.1m).

And 50% price for children over 1.1 ~ 1.3

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