The Quang Binh Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism on August 19 held a ceremony to open adventure tour to discover Tien (Fairy) Cave in Cao Quang commune, Tuyen Hoa district…

Daily tour to Phong Nha cave & Paradise cave

Cutting ribbons to open Tien Cave

Belong to Tu Lan cave system, Tien Cave is the destination for those who started with the conquest tour in Quang Binh. It is between the large mountain ranges and dense canopy, so before proceeding to the cave, visitors will have to pass through the jungle, crossing streams and trekking through the trails.

Tien Cave was first explored by experts from the British Caving Association in 1994. The cave consists of stalagmite with layer upon layer and looks like terraced fields. It was so-called “a nameless heaven”.

Experience to discover Tien Cave

The cave has a total distance of 3km, including two branches of Tien Cave 1 and Tien Cave 2. It has large entrance which is 50 meters wide and 70 meters high with thousands of huge stalactite cliffs, about 100m high.

The Oxalis Adventure Tour Operator has been permitted to operate one-day tour and two day-one night tour from Tu Lan to Cao Quang.

The new tour will be available from this November to next August and temporarily suspended in September and October due to flood season.

Visitors need to ensure they are in good health before embarking on the adventurous trip. They will be provided with safety equipment during the journey.

This mild adventure tour is expected to lure numerous tourists.

inside Tien Cave

The opening of Tien Cave is an activity to meet the discovery demand of visitors during the dry and rainy season; expand and diversify tourist products belong to Tu Lan cave system, and improve the life of the locals through service supply for tourists.