Quang Binh is the narrowest point of the country Vietnam. But this place hides the wonders of nature bestowed. Those are the caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang area. This place is known as the kingdom of caves. There are 300 large and small caves have been discovered located in the area of ​​the limestone karst system. In which, 36 caves have been opened for tourism  such as: Thien Duong cave, Phong Nha cave, Son Doong cave, Tu Lan cave, Cha Loi cave … In this article we would like to introduce you about a cave that is considered an attractive destination in 2020. That is Paradise Cave.

Paradise Cave
Paradise Cave

Where is the Paradise cave?

Paradise cave is hidden deep in the heart of the world natural heritage of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, located at km 16, Ho Chi Minh road in the west branch of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh, where This is 360 meters above sea level, 65 km northwest of the city center to the northwest and 3.5 km from the west of Ho Chi Minh road.

road to paradise cave
Road to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Paradise Cave is found upon entering? Who discovered this cave first?

In 2005, Mr. Ho Khanh was a local resident living in a Phong Nha village, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach districts, Quang Binh province. Once in the woods to find valuable medicinal plants, he accidentally discovered the door of a cave. He felt a very cool breeze blowing in from the cave in the summer. According to his experience of going to the forest for many years, he stated that there was a cave in it, probably a large cave. After that, he returned home to report to the local authorities.

At the beginning of 2006, there was a cave expedition belonging to the Royal Reseach cave Association of England, and Mr Haward limber as the head of the team took the expedition. The team brought us surprising results: the total length of paradise cave is 31.4 km, which experts have rated as the longest dry cave in Asia. The cave has an average about 60m hight, the highest place up to100m, the width from 30m to 150m. In the cave, there is a system of sparkling, fanciful, unique and magnificent structure that made the expedition say: this is paradise and the one on the paradise cave has been derived from that.

Entrance to Paradise Cave
Entrance to Paradise Cave

The record of paradise cave

1: Paradise cave has been set a record by Vietnam record: the longest wooden bridge in Vietnam is installed in a cave. This wooden bridge is made of Tau wood, is one of the good types of wood, resistant to high humidity and water. The total length of the wooden bridge is 1km. And this is also the length that you go to visit in the cave, full of light. The dominant light is white and yellow.

2: Paradise cave is set a record as the most unique lithophyte system in caves open for sightseeing.

Paradise Cave

The entrance to the cave follows the wooden staircase 70 meters deep

Tours are open to visitors visiting the Paradise cave

Currently, paradise eco-tourism area opens 2 tours for tourists to visit and pick up:

  • Tour 1km to visit on wooden stair system, with full lighting installation
  • 7km tour to experience deep discovery in the heart of paradise. This tour you must go in a day, no light, must use a flashlight and walk directly on the natural cave floor. A special feature of this tour is the end of 7km: you will see an open sky well. There is natural light coming in, there are underground tributaries through the doong cave system. This is really an interesting experience, isn’t it?

In a day of traveling, you can visit Paradise cave 7000m. If you go 1.2km normally can combine with Eight Ladies Cave, Phong Nha cave or Chay river – Dark cave or Mooc Spring. These points are in a very convenient way for visitors. 

Tickets to visit in paradise cave

Paradise cave opened in September 2010. The following is the ticket price to visit paradise cave:

  • 1km tour: entrance fee is 250.000 VND / person
  • Children under 1.1m tall free ticket
  • Children from 1.1m – 1.3m ticket price 50% of adult ticket
  • Children above 1.3m: adult ticket
  • 7km tour: Package price is 2.400.000 VND / person (this tour is for adults only)

Tram service from ticket gate to the base:

  • 4 seats car ticket: 100.000 VND/ round trip
  • 6 seats car ticket: 150.000 VND / round trip
  • 8-seater car ticket: 200.000 VND / round trip
  • 14 seat car ticket: 350.000 VND / round trip

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