It is far 45km from Dong Hoi city to the North-West, Phong Nha cave is most convenient destination for visitors. After a 30 minute cruise on the poetic Son river, visitors will come to Phong Nha cave – First Wonder.
Phong Nha Cave is the most typical of aesthetic value and unique at Phong Nha – Ke Bang Heritage. In particular, for the first time after almost 20 years of tourism exploitation in Phong Nha Cave, with flashlights, anti-skid shoes and other specialized equipment, visitors have the opportunity to fully experience the 7 outstanding criteria of Phong Nha cave voted by the British Royal cave association.

Phong Nha Cave
Phong Nha Cave

The 7 outstanding criteria include:
1.  The longest wet cave
2. Highest and largest entrance of the cave.
3. The largest and most beautiful sandy-bank and reefs.
4. The most beautiful underground lake.
5. The most magnificient miraculous stalactites
6. The most beautiful underground river
7. Cave with high and large dry cave.
Phong Nha cave is one of the World’s longest water caves with a length of 7.729m. In particular, it has the underground river that is opened for tourism in Vietnam only.
Means:     Dragon boat.
Activity:     Cave sightseeing, boating, walking
Compulsory fees:
Ticket:     80.000Vnd/adult; 40.000Vnd/children
Boat freight:     320.000Vnd/trip/max 14 people
Tour guide:     500.000Vnd/person