The largest website majoring in introducing about the world tourism has just proposed Phong Nha Cave being ranked top one among 8 tourist destinations in Quang Binh


Phong Nha Cave

 This is the second time from 2013. Phong Nha Cave was considered as the most exellent destination and other sites ranking behind Phong Nha Cave on Tripadvisor are Paradise Cave, Son Doong Cave, NETIN Travel, Tu Lan Cave…..The ranking of tourist destinations of Tripadvisor is based on guest’s comments after they visit the Quang Binh tourist destinations

Phong Nha cave – Mooc Sping 1 day tour

 Tripadvisor is the largest tourist site in the world being well reviewed by guests and customers. The standard of being recognized as the exellent tourist side on tripadvisor must be from 4-5 guest’s comments during 12 months

Established in 2000 by an american businessman Stephen Kaufer. Currently, the Tripadvisor is managing 19 tourist media sites in the world and operating 30 countries in all over the world. Having 60 million accesses and more 75 million reviews each month. Tripadvisor helps the tourist destinations or tourism companie have an opportunity to promote that is conferred the tripadvisor certificate. With the giant tourism information, Tripadvisor becomes the online travel guides favored the most in the world.

Author :  Ha Vy