The provincial People”s Committee has recently issued Decision No. 1482/QĐ-UBND on issuing the Regulation coordinating support tourists in the province.

Accordingly, through the hotline phone number (052) 3833.399 or (052) 3503.399, tourists coming to Quang Binh will be support for tourism information, reflect on the quality of tourism services or asked for help in an emergency if something goes wrong in the province.
Contents of support is to provide information on Quang Binh tourism to visitors when needed as policy, regulations, destinations, tours and travel …; measures to ensure safety for travelers with situations, incidents of unsettled, “tight guillotine” when buying goods or using services of travel; have problems with social security, accident, illness, theft, loss of luggage jewelry… and requirements, other plausible suggestion of visitors.
Quang Binh Tourism Information and Promotion Center under the management of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will directly receive and answer visitors’ calls. Besides receiving feedbacks on bad incidents and low quality services in local travel, the center will also support travelers in personal incidents, including traffic accidents, illness, loss of luggage etc.

Phong Nha Cave

Any queries on information of Quang Binh tourism, such as tours, accommodation, destinations etc. will be answered through the hotlines.

In case Quang Binh Travel Information and Promotion Center can’t satisfy visitors’ queries, these questions will be transferred to relevant authorized agencies in Quang Binh Province to be handled in the shortest time, ensuring healthy tourism environment, safe for guests.

By Nhu Y
(Source: Quang Binh Portal)