Khoai deo is a speciality in Quang Binh province. Khoai deo are made from sliced, dried sweet potatoes

Quang Binh most famous delicious sweet potato is a kind of big sweet potato which  has a sweet taste, are grown in sandy in farms in Hai Ninh, Quang Ninh, Quang Binh province.

Quang Binh specialities – “Khoai cake”

khoai gieo
Khoai Gieo

To have delicious sweet khoai deo, firstly sweet potatoes bright sun on the sand so that the sweet potato’s peel hunting, then incubated closed a few days , the starch in the potato will be converted into sugar. After incubating, the sweet potatoes will be boiled, then cooling,  sliced​​, then exposed to the sun until the sliced potatoes is hard.

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Travellers can easy to find shop where selling Khoai deo. Khoai deo can be take away in your trip as snack food, or bring home when coming back from Quang Binh as Souvenir gift.

khoai gieo
khoai deo shop 300×200 Quang Binh specialities: Khoai deoKhoai deo are selling in Dong hoi market, Dong hoi Town, Quang Binh.

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