Dong Hoi speciality is very rich and diverse with many kind of cakes, Beo cake, Bot Loc cake, Khoai cake, Nam cake,…Especially, Dong Hoi “Khoai cake” is well-known in Quang Binh…


There are a lot of stores serving Khoai cake, but one of the best stores is located on Co Tam road with some famous bases such as Tu Quy, Thuy Tien, Thuy Phuong, Kieu Huong…..Khoai cake in Dong Hoi made of rice and passes many processes.

Restaurants in Quang Binh

The ingredients to make Khoai cake are : Rice flour, dried turmerich starch, shrimp, pork, bean sprout

 About sauce, after making onion fried, stiring hashed pig liver, peanuts, coriander, 5-star fruit, salad, unripe banana, figs. In the cake making procedures, the 2 most important steps are mixing rice flour and making sauce. Because it decides whether the cake is delicious or not. Cake flour included rice, eggs, turmeric flour and salt

 The mix stired and not too consensed in oder to make its color beautifully when we fry and it has strong brittleness and nutrition.

The best time to enjoy Khoai cake is after it is made. Eating with coriander, fresh salad with 5-star fruit. When enjoying the Khoai cake, tourist will feel the rice flavour , shrimp, pork and the sauce, peanuts