Recently, the decision of Quang Binh provincial people’s committee  is to change the tourist destination price list. The Netin Travel Company officially modified the daily tour program and group tour’s price of Quang Binh tourism in 2015…

Quang Phu Sand dunes

The detail of changes below.

1. (Phong Nha Cave – Thien Duong Cave 800.000VnĐ) changed to (Dong Hoi – Cave of Eight Voluntary Youths – Paradise Cave 1.100.000VnĐ). The visitors not only discover 2 caves but also have a chance to see the core area of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Especially, the guests will be taught how to incense and thurify to Eight Voluntary Youths (Who sacrificed to protect the peace in the war with the American Empire from 1954~1975 on “20 Victory Road”), the cave is very famous and spritual.

2. Paradise cave – Visiting the General Vo Nguyen Giap’s tomb 900.000VnĐ changed to 1.100.000

3. Paradise cave – Zipline + Dark cave – Chay river 1.250.000VnĐ changed to 1.400.000VnĐ

Besides, the Netin Travel organizing the most unique tourism product is the sand dune surfing tour included city tour in Dong Hoi

+The price of sand dune surfing : 300.000VnĐ/person

+The price of sand dune surfing including city tour : 700.000VnĐ/person

The Netin Travel would like to announce for tourists and wish you much happiness in 2015.


Netin Travel Company