On 10th Jan 2015, Quang Binh Tourism Association (QBTA) held the tourguide training course for guides in Quang Binh funded by Oxalis…


The Tourguide Training Course

The course held in two days on 10th – 11st Jan with over 50 participants. The course made students absorbed the contents related to Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme (ESRT) 10 VTOS (Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills Standards) standards 2013; psychology to tourist behaviour studies, BASIC requirements of tourguide occupation, presentational skills,… The students also participated to study and learn through the games, lessions arranged by enthusiastic, experienced lecturer coming from Sai Gon College of Tourism

It was known that the course is one of activities opening a year with training courses, improving the tourism human source held by QBTA.

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