Quang Binh trip combo 2 days 1 night, including rooms at Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel.

Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel

Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel has an extremely favorable location located right in front of Vo Nguyen Giap Street, with a building scale of 23,000 m2, the hotel has up to 168 rooms with many different types of rooms, with a “separate range up to 2.5 hectares”.

Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel
Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel

1-Day Tour of Paradise Cave – Mooc Spring

The daily excursion program of Paradise Cave – Mooc Water Spring is a journey that combines the beauty of Paradise Cave and the experience of services at Moọc Water Stream. Paradise Cave has an overall length of 1.2 km, setting the record for the longest dry cave in Asia today. On the way to Paradise Cave you can visit the beauty of the “labyrinth in the ground” with stalactites and stalagmites of all forms. Visitors will also be able to visit and discover the services in spring such as spring baths, kayak, and water games.

Paradise Cave
Paradise Cave

The most detailed Phong Nha Ke Bang tourism 2023


With this Travel Combo, you will experience 1 night’s sleep at Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel

PRICE: 1.450.000/ 1 PERSON

Valid period : From 01/10/2022 to 31/3/2022 If you want to use Travel Combo with other attractions, please contact us at DT 0912356056/0911366567

Mooc Spring
Mooc Spring

Notes and terms:


01 night stay at Duy Tan Quang Binh Hotel

High- quality air-conditioned tour car throughout the route (1-day tour of Paradise Cave – Moọc Water Spring)

Lunch 150.000vnd/serving

Paradise Cave Ticket

Electric tourist car

Tickets to visit Mooc Springs, tickets to attendant services at Mooc Springs.

Quang Binh Tour Guide is enthusiastic, experienced

Travel insurance (20.000.000vnd/case)

Travel Gifts: Netin Travel Caps


VAT 8%

Soft drinks during meals


Comfortable, active outfits

It is recommended to wear sneakers, and flat-soled sandals with good friction Personal belongings: Sunscreen, hat, hat, eyeglasses