Dong Hoi travelling is an activity in the Quang Binh Discovery Tourism program. What is attractive in Dong Hoi in the chain of discovering Quang Binh – the land full of tourism potential. Quang Binh – the land of dry wind white sand which has been favored by mother nature and bestowed with beautiful landscapes, […]

Traveling Quang Binh in 2023, experiences should not to be missed

Quang Binh is a famous tourist destination, attracting domestic and international tourists by attractive tourism products which bring great experiences to visitors.Let’s with Quang Binh Travel share the most complete and detailed experience traveling Quang Binh. Perhaps, referring to Quang Binh, people will immediate think of a poor land with harsh nature, only Lao wind […]

5 totally free places to experience in Quang Binh

Something good in life maybe free of charge, coming to Quang Binh, we suggest you some activities and some free places for you: Go Camping There are many free places that you can set a camp up such as in the jungle, by the river or by the beach. Camping by the beach and by […]

Coming Mooc Spring to escape from the hot summer

Where do you want to hide in this hot summer? I suggest you one place, let forget everything and make a trip to Mooc Spring for many relaxing experience here. With the hot temperature of summer up to 42 degrees Celsius, Mooc spring tour is always the first choice of many tourists. Although Quang Binh‘s […]

Coming to Quang Binh – where can we go and what can we eat???

Quang Binh is famous for many beautiful cave systems. The visitor to come here is wondering where to go besides seeing the caves and what is famous there to eat? Where to go? Da Nhay Beach: Da Nhay Beach is located in the Northern of Quang Binh Province. It takes you 30 minutes to come […]

Top Places To Visit in Quang Binh 2019

Vo Nguyen Giap Cave (Cha Loi cave) 2. Son Dong Cave 3. Phong Nha Cave 4. Paradise Cave 5. Dark Cave 6. En Cave 7. Mooc Spring 8. Nhat Le Beach 9. Da Nhay Beach 10. Quang Phu Sand dunes These above places (Vo Nguyen Giap cave, Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave, Dark Cave….) are […]

The attracting destinations of Quang Binh Tourism 2018

Quang Binh is located in the narrowest position in Vietnam, from east to west only about 50km but this place convergence factors to develop tourism. This place has a long coastline full of poetic scenery such as: Nhat Le beach, Quang Phu beach and Bao Ninh. In addition Quang Binh is a famous place about […]

Phong Nha Cave And Paradise Cave Tour – 1 Day Trip attracts tourist coming to Quang Binh

Quang Binh tourism is famous such as the most exciting singtseeing in Vietnam. Phong Nha Ke Bang is the only one kingdom cave in the world. It was appreciated and ranked no.2 in Viet Nam. Coming to Quang Binh, tourist go for a singhtseeing with Nhat Le beach, one of the most beautiful beach in […]

Guide travel from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha National Park

When you come to Quang Binh Province, you should not miss an attraction. That is Dong Hoi city, “Roses city”. The City is peaceful with sand dunes, beautiful beaches, model hotels. Here tourists can enjoy many delicious dishes that holds them to stay more time. Especially from Dong Hoi city, you can visit the nice […]

Limousine – 9 seats, Hue – Dong Hoi

After  visiting  Hue , many tourists next choice is to arrive in Quang Binh to explore Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and other destinations.  A few years ago the only choice of transport was the local bus which would have many stops to pick up customers doubling the trip times, but now all that […]