If you have the endless passion for “Backpacker” travel, the forest or the sea which is extremely attractive to you. Other places are exciting for traveling. That is the sand hill, isn’t it? Actually, not only “Backpackers”,  any one who reading this article below, they will get there when they arrive in Viet Nam.

Unlike the vastness of the ocean with the blue color and green mountains above, you feel like you become smaller on the sand dunes.  It is more beautiful with only a yellow color. There are some small bushes that live in this harsh land. The nature in the central of Vietnam is so “hard to live”, but also presents itself  diverse beauty.

Watching movies or reading stories about the desert that makes many people wish to go. But in Vietnam  there are also some beautiful places like that. Let’s try it out :

Quang Phu Sand Hill – Quang Binh

The sun set at the Quang Phu sand hill is so amazing.

Named one of the most beautiful sand dunes in Central Vietnam, Quang Phu Sand Hill is located between Quang Phu Commune (Dong Hoi) and Nhan Trach Commune (Bo Trach). This place is famous for its many shades of sand, after the rain, it is red sand. The bright red color of the sun shining down makes the sand dunes mysterious. On hot days, it changes other colors:  white, yellow or gray …

Because the wind is not so strong, the sand waves in Quang Phu is not large, creating a smooth, very impressive. In addition, Quang Phu white sand dunes stretch to the coast. Due to the wild, this beach is also green and clean. It is convenient to “return to the sea”,  isn’t it? With a reasonable height, this area is suitable for playing adventurous games, including sand-shoeing

Mui Ne Sand Hill – Binh Thuan

Tourists can travel from Mui Ne to Luong Son sand hill by a motorbike or jeep.  

It is so nice and impressive. Sand dunes have been formed for a long time, stretching over a wide area ​​up to 50 ha. This is called “ Flying Sand Hill” because the shape of the sand dunes often have changes and deformation. That makes Mui Ne Sand Hill more impressive and attractive. From the sand hill, you can take a panoramic view of Mui Ne with the vast blue color of the sea. Mixing with the wild nature in the late afternoon sunshine, that will bring you many impressive emotions.

Trinh Nu Sand Hill – Binh Thuan

The pure beauty of the sand scenery in this place that makes many people love for the first time

“Trinh Nu” means Virgin Girl. The name is so cute. Because White Sand Hill looks like a girl lying on her side. Moreover, the sand is also smooth white. when it combined with the bright sunlight, creating a magical look. In the middle of the sand hill, there is a clear fresh water lake. So it has another name “Bau Trang” (White lake).

If you visit Bau Trang, you should rent a motorbike to conquer the sand dunes. The feeling of surfing on the sand, conquering the top of the hill to the other hill brings tourists new adventure. If you do not want to drive yourself, you can book the Jeep car service with a driver (600.000 vnd / 4 persons /60 minutes).

Nam Cuong Sand Hill – Ninh Thuan

Nam Cuong sand hill in Ninh Thuan province is 8km from central Phan Rang city.

Nam Cuong sand hill is still quite wild, located in the village of Cham ethnic people. So Sand Hill has become an integral part of their the life. Going to this sand hill, you will be impressive by idyllic scenes of Cham people’s rural life. It is also the most attractive place of Nam Cuong.

Mui Dinh sand hill- Ninh Thuan

The beautiful basket boats in the middle of a large space

The place is still very pristine like “magnolia meadows”, the sea is right next to the sand hill. In this area there are also hollows, forming small ponds adjacent to each other. Sand is white smooth, the ponds has clear water that makes the space beautiful “ hard to describe”. There is also a camping pitch with typical prairie tents. You can rent tents here overnight and enjoy nomadic life.