Quang Binh is known as the “kingdom of caves” with a series of famous caves such as Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Thien Duong Cave. Most recent, The General Cave (Vo Nguyen Giap Cave) a new cave was approved to be put into exploitation in early 2019 in the program of exploring the cultural life of Bru Van Kieu ethnic people.

Why is it called The General Cave (Vo Nguyen Giap Cave)?

Local people often called this cave “The General Cave” or “Vo Nguyen Giap Cave because  in the years 1971 – 1973, the General Vo Nguyen Giap used this cave to live and give instructions to Southern fields.

New destination of Quang Binh tourism – combining visiting, discovery and experience.

In some tourism products of Quang Binh recently, the tour to explore the cultural life of the Bru Van Kieu ethnic people is considered a new and strange product combining the experience of cultural life, observation of spectacular beauty of the cave, also been truly immersed with the majestic nature. This is a unique feature that we can not find in other cave tours in Quang Binh.

Experience the cultural life.

Bru Van Kieu is one of two ethnic minorities living in Quang Binh, residing mainly in highland communes in Le Thuy, Quang Ninh and Bo Trach Districts. Coming to Bru Van Kieu, visitors will experience daily life with them, rice-cooked by them, visiting stilt house, be photographed with friendly and hospitable compatriots.

Stilt house of Bru Van Kieu people Photo by Cuong Tran

Explore huge and magnificent General Cave (Vo Nguyen Giap Cave)

When being here, you will have chance to oberve one of masterpieces of mother nature when visiting Water Cave and the General Cave

A glitter coner of The General Cave 
Photo: Nguyen Chien

Immerse in the beautiful natural scenery of Le Thuy communes, Quang Binh

A little house on green meadow
Photo editor: Hoang Bui

With the harmonious combination of nature, culture and experience, the exploiting unit hopes to bring to visitors a new quality product that is truly different from the combination of cave tours. Currently the operator – Netin Travel Co., Ltd. is putting into operation two tours:  Discovery program 1 day and 2 days 1 night.

 For all information related to this tour itinerary, please contact the operator or booking with us via
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By Ms Ngọc