Chay River Dark Cave is one of the attractive eco-adventure tourist site of Quang Binh, located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, far from Paradise Cave about 3 km.

Chay River Dark Cave is chosen by many tourists when traveling Quang Binh, especially young people. The journey with many different experiences such as: Mud bath, Zipline swing, Kayaking or short zipline swing which created many interesting and funny things to visitors.

Zipline Dark Cave
Zipline Dark Cave

Chay River Dark Cave is now being exploited by many domestic and international travel agencies for sightseeing. Dark Cave is not only a tourist attraction but also a historical mark, a place for soldiers to shelter from American bombs.

Where is Chay River, Dark Cave?

Chay River Dark Cave is located in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, far from Dong Hoi City 75 km in the northwest direction and Thien Duong Cave about 3 km. Currently, this attraction is under the management of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park Management Board. You can take a car, motorbike or rent a car in Phong Nha town to get here.

Chay River Dark Cave Introduction.

In 1992, the Cave was discovered by the British Royal Caving Association and the name “Dark” come from the image of dense darkness covering every corner of the Cave. The Cave is 5,258m long, 80m high, 50m wide, including 2 gates: the front door borders Chay river (30m high, 10m wide) and the back door borders the forest (50m high, about 20m wide). There are many stalactites with different shapes and colors in the Cave. The old stalactites have turned color, some are lemon yellow, some are white, some are moss green. Specially, Dark Cave owns stalactites with parasitic ferns – a rare sight that is hard to find in other Caves.

In Dark Cave
In Dark Cave

According to scientific researchers, these stalactites are the vestiges of strong geological movement period. Dark Cave also has deep underground rivers, a natural freshwater lake named Thuy Tien and a 20m2 wide mud lake containing essential minerals that are good for human health. In addition, Dark Cave is also home to animals such as bats, swallows…, especially Ha Tinh langur – a rare and endemic animals listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Chay River Dark Cave attractive destination.

Currently, this tourist site is managed, invested and exploited by Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center with many attractive services. From the animal observation Station in Chay River, visitors can experience a 400 meter-long zipline service to reach the front door of Dark cave. After exploring and mud bathing in the Cave, visitors will kayak to explore the Chay River, swing to drop into the river as well as participate in many interesting water games.

Revealing traveling experience at the Chay River- Dark Cave 

What should you bring when you travel?

You should prepare yourself a bikini for the Dark Cave mud bath.

If you don’t take a mud bath in Dark Cave, you can wear whatever clothes you like. But it is better to wear swimwear for swinging and bathing in the river.

In addition, you should prepare an towel to dry yourself after bathing. Of course on the tourist site there will also be but using your own towel is more convenient.

Kayak in Chay River
Kayak in Chay River

Not over yet, you should wear comfortable clothes and bring with you sun glasses, sunscreen.

Wearing sandals is the best because after bathing in the stream, wearing shoes will be very uncomfortable. But it depends on your preference.

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How to buy entrance tickets

There are 2 types of tickets when visiting Chay River and Dark Cave. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. The entrance ticket includes the following services:

+ Package ticket: 450,000 VND/pax.

Services include : Zipline , Mud bathing, Kayak boating, Chay River bathing, life jackets, flashlights, helmets,  playing continuous game shows.

+ Private ticket: 270,000 VND/pax.

Services include: Zipline , Kayaka boating, Chay River bathing, life jackets, playing continuous game shows, …

Instructions on how to operate at the ​​Chay River Dark Cave Zipline site quickly, neatly and scientifically.

After buying ticket, you quickly go to change clothes (choose appropriate clothes to each type of service) and bring a life jacket.

Then you queue up in order, the guide will help you to wear Zipline swing and provide a flashlight and helmet for you. Noting that you should test the flashlight before starting your journey.

After wearing a life jacket, you will go to the Zipline building to swing rope, take a mud bath, row a boat, take a spring bath, play a Game Show game.

Checkin Chay River
Checkin Chay River

Traveling Chay River, Dark Cave by tour

If you want to join Quang Binh tourism group, you can refer to the following tours:

• Dong Hoi City – Paradise Cave – Kayak Chay River Dark Cave – Dong Hoi City (1 day)

Paradise cave – Kayaking in Chay River – Explore Dark Cave

• Dong Hoi City – The Vo Nguyen Giap General Tomb – Paradise Cave – Dark Cave Zipline.

Above are some notes that will help you to make a quick and perfect tour to Chay River Dark Cave . If you need complete informations, please refer to the article “All Quang Binh Tourism Experiences”.

Some popular questions about Chay River- Dark Cave.

With the affection of Covid epidemic, is Chay River – Dark Cave open?

Currently, the Covid epidemic has been controlled, Chay River – Dark Cave is open for normal operation to serve visitors.

Is there a discount for Chay River – Dark Cave tickets ?

Currently, the ticket price depends on the stimulus program of the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province, we will update it continuously.

By what means visitors can go to the Chay River- Dark Cave?

Currently, we only provide bus as a public transport coming from Dong Hoi City to Phong Nha Cave. If you want to go to Dark Cave, you can rent a car or motorbike from Dong Hoi city or rent a motorbike in Phong Nha town to continue.

In addition to the recommendations, what should I bring when traveling to Chay River?

With the requirement that females wear Bikini, men wear swim suits for mud bath, visitors should bring towels. Chay River is quite a beautiful shooting spot, so you can equip yourself with many diffrient clothes to take picture.