Same with tourism route of Thuong river – En cave, Living valley and Thuy Cung cave tour is also a special tourism product for visitors who like exploring the nature.

Cha Loi Cave System 2 day 1 night Adventure

Visitors will be taken to Ho Chi Minh Trail West at Km15. Tour guide will accompany you go through the vast grass hills to the Dau Rai population with hundreds of big trees. Around noon, visitors will go upstream of Tien stream to Nuoc Lan cave (the other entrance of Dark cave). You will explore about 500m inside the Nuoc lan cave with some specialized equipment provided by Netin travel.

Thuy Cung Cave
Thuy Cung Cave

Upon returning, you will enjoy lunch with a forest salad, fish, grilled meat, rice ect..

From Nuoc Lan cave, you will trek through the jungle to Thuy Cung cave which has strong blue water. With specialized flashlights, you will discover the mysterious Thuy Cung caves.

After an unforgettable night with camp fire among the vast primary forest. You will pick the dawn among the Living Valley with 2,000 ha, surrounded by the steep limestone mountains and spectacular primeval forest

Cha Loi Cave 1 day discovery

Nomally, visitors need a good health to join the trekking tours. But the Tourism route of Living valley and Thuy Cung cave is really easy for the visitors with the convenient trekking trails and terrain.

You may choose the 01day or 2 days 1 night tour.

(please contact for the tour price)