Thuong river and En cave is the tourism route of exploring fascinating nature in Phong Nha-Ke Bang Heritage with many fantastic factors such as vast primary forest, poetic natural landscape, Karst systems over 400 million years. Spectacular En cave with thousands of swallows inside, blue streams as well as unforgetable nights are the same feeling for all visitors joining this tour.

Cha Loi Cave System 2 day 1 night Adventure

En cave
En cave

First day:

Visitors will be taken by vans or bus to the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail West at Km35. After 2 hours walking in the vast primary forests you will come to the Doong Village where you have lunch with ethnic minorities and experience the local life with the unique culture of the Van Kieu people.

Keep walking along the Thuong river 2 hours more, you will arrive the En cave. With a height of over 120m and 170m wide, it really makes you feel dazzling by its spectacular. You’ll experience an unforgettable night with the camp fire, the delicious grilled fish and strong tasty local wine. Revel in joining the fascinated space, the flickering fire and the sound of insects which will bring you deep into sleep in tents provided by tourist guides from Netin Travel company.

Daily tour to Phong Nha cave & Paradise cave

Second day:

Visitors will discover En Cave, take photo, souvenir recording, explore the forest around En cave’s entrance, then up Thuong river back to Doong Village. Having lunch and trekking back to Ho Chi Minh West highway at Km35.

2 days 1 night tour with Thuong river and En cave will be a memorable time and make the visitors with extremely impression. But if that durance is not enough for your experience, the 3 days 2 nights tour wil be the best choice for you.

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